IABO President’s Message January 2023

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President’s Message

IABO Members,

Well, a Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s start this year off right with a few days of training to fill some gaps with what we don’t already know. Nobody has all of those books memorized yet, except maybe our instructors. We do get the very best! It is nice that you can bank on Iowa providing three days of training every January. Let’s get some of that classwork out of the way on the coldest days so we can better focus on the upcoming year. Then the BBQ banquet will fill any remaining gaps around our waistlines, if there are any left over from the holidays. Please come to collaborate, discuss, socialize, network, and mingle. That is part of why we do it. We will provide the food and drinks. You just bring yourself.

I encourage everyone to utilize the wealth of knowledge contained within our membership. IABO has always been a great resource for assistance in code interpretation as well as other areas of our profession. There is an impressive group of professionals that make up our community. If you have an issue, I bet you can find someone else out there that has had the same trouble.

The IABO board is also open to any suggestions on how to make our association better. Don’t be afraid to send an email, or other form of communication our way. Anyone that would like to consider getting more involved in the IABO organization, please take a look at the current committee list, and consider volunteering.

Thanks to Brian Bishop for just finishing up his service as president. Now if only I had taken better notes. I am looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings to our IABO group. It has been a good opportunity to serve as a board member the past few years. I am now looking forward to serve as chapter president of this great association.

Thank you,

Neil Bombei
IABO President

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