Minutes:  January 7th, 2014
Meeting at Giovannetti Community Shelter, Urbandale

Introductions and Roll call:

President Brita called the meeting to order at approximately 6:45PM and welcomed everyone to the Giovannetti Community Shelter in Urbandale.
Board Members present were Brita Van Horne, Roger Schemmel, Cody Christensen and Adam Fedders,  Mike Pardekooper. Absent was Tom Palmer. A count of more than 15 members was taken which determined there was a quorum.

Approval of November 2013  meeting minutes
A motion was made by Jeff Junker and seconded by Rod Van Genderen to approve minutes as presented. Motion passed.

Treasure’s Report.
Adam Fedders handed out a treasures report. Adam indicated we now use PayPal on website and there is a fee for this service but nice to have the flexibility. For 2013 there was approximately $36,000 in income and $36,440 in expenses for a net loss of around $440.00 for the year. Balance at this time is approximately $33,542 with the final amounts noted on the report.

Motion by Jeff Junker and seconded by Scott Olesen to approve the Treasure’s report.  Motion passed


None received others have been emailed

State Building Code Bureau
Brian Bishop reported not a lot going on but next week legislative session will start and will mention if there are any new bills of interest. Energy code had rules committee review which discussed the changes to the IECC and we can expect March or April for effective date. DPS is going through alignment of titles within the Department. Brian further discussed electrical license renewal, and the three month grace period until April 1, 2014. Call the office if you have any questions.  Also mentioned there have been discussions with AIA Iowa regarding codes and disaster building inspections along within input from Homeland Security to develop a post disaster inspection team.

Brian also clarified there will be a 90 day grace period after adoption of the IEC 

Iowa Department of Public Health

Ken Sharp introduced Carmily Stone, Bureau Chief of Environmental Health Services Bureau. Ken mentioned we will also hear more of Kane Young who is executive officer in the department and fronts the lead certification licensing program. He will be engaging with Carmily and the Plumbing and Mechanical systems licensing board. Camily’s department also administers the pool code and backflow testing and certification. Future meetings may be attended by either Carmily or Kane in place of Ken.

There is no new Legislation anticipated other than removing the sheet metal Master license with only the Journeyman’s license remaining. The Department is also working on the licensing structure to meet the July 1st, 2014 deadline and the three year renewals. Contractor licensing after January 1st now has a fee and there are anticipated nearly 1,500 contractors that have not renewed their license. If you find contractors working without license you can go to the webpage to file complaint.

Committee Reports

Legislative –No report

Education – Cody Christensen mentioned January classes in Clive are in progress and there may be more training provided by ICC as soon as March of this year.

Membership  – No report

Scholarship - Mike Pardekooper mentioned they have had some conversations and the Chairperson for the committee is Shelly Burnholz

Program – Brita thanked the Program Committee for the banquet. Roger mentioned the next meeting will be in Des Moines at the Iowa Department of Public Safety building March 13th, 2014

Code Development – No Report

Endorsement–No report

Audit– Jeff Junker reported the Treasure’s information and numbers for the 2013 year as presented are in order.
Moved by Rick Parrino and seconded by Rod Van Genderen to accept the Audit Report.  Motion passed.

Nomination– No report

Installation of Officers

ICC Board Member Ron Hoover installed the 2014 IABO Board Officers; Brita Van Horne, President; Cody Christensen, First Vice President; Mike Pardekooper, Second Vice President; Roger Schemmel, Secretary ; Adam Fedders, Treasure.

Ron then presented an ICC President pin to Brita Van Horne.

Region III Report
Educational Institute will be Feb 3rd thru the 7th. Adam Fedders also mentioned the Region III Chapter will be taking nominations for the Brent Snider award next year.

ICC Report – Ron Hoover encouraged all members to login to ICC website and try out the CDP access as the code development progresses.

Old Business - None

New Business - None

Brita handed out door prizes as Susanne Schemmel pulled names out of the basket.


Kurtis Wolgast from ASK Studio lead a great presentation regarding the Design of the Giovannettii Community Shelter which also doubles as a FEMA shelter.

Adjourned 7:40

Members then shared a Smokey D’s BBQ buffet dinner followed by an abundance of social time.

Respectfully submitted by IABO Secretary Roger Schemmel,


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