Minutes: March 13th, 2014 Meeting at Iowa Department of Public Safety

 Introductions and Roll call:

President Brita called the meeting to order at approximately 9:02AM and welcomed everyone to Department of Public Safety. Board Members present were Brita Van Horne, Roger Schemmel and Mike Pardekooper. Absent were Cody Christensen , Adam Fedders and Tom Palmer. A count of more than 15 members was taken which determined there was a quorum.

Approval of January meeting minutes Review minutes of the January 2014 Chapter Meeting and Banquet. A motion was made by Denney B and Seconded by Dennis J.

Motion passed.


Brita mentioned League of City is working on public awareness for Cities and requested to partner with IABO. A link will be forwarded once available. 

Treasure’s Report. Adam Fedders, Treasure was not present. A summary of the report shows a current balance of $35,556.28. The treasure’s report will be presented again at the May meeting for approval.

State Building Code Bureau Brian Bishop reported that after Ray Reynolds resignation Jeff Quigle is filling the roll as State Fire Marshall. Dan Wood is acting as Building Code Commissioner. One of the state building inspectors Bill Lloyd is retiring so the position will open and be announced. Eric N will cover the inspections at this time. Brian further discussed the 2012 IECC final effective date after grace period to be June 1st, 2014. Brian also mentioned some legislation being discussed during this session is regarding architect’s and engineer’s liability during disasters and creating a homeland security team for inspections after a disaster. Brian then said all Electrical licenses have been issued, so anyone doing work should have a license. Electrical board is having a meeting 3/25/2014 to discuss the 2014 NEC adoption for possibly 1/1/2015. Building and Fire codes possibly might be adopted 1/1/2015. Mechanical board has stakeholder meeting to discuss the 2012 IMC and some additional discussions regarding NFPA 58/54 and IFGC and propane regulations. 

Committee Reports 

Legislative – Make P mentioned communications with Region III.

Education – no report

Membership – no report 

Scholarship – Mike P reported Shelly B has sent the scholarship application to schools and the application will also be sent by email to members.

Program – Roger reported the next meeting in May will be again at IDPS and also looking for a speaker.

Code Development – Mike P mentioned he had a teleconference with Region III regarding proposed code changes the group is looking at supporting.

EndorsementAudit Nomination– no report

There was a break until 9:29.

Region III Report – Brita mentioned ICC Upper Great Plains Region III had training in Chaska MN during January and was well attended.

ICC Report – Ron Hoover distributed some poker chips left over from code hearings in Atlantic City. Ron also reminded everyone to login to CDP Access to hear what is going on at code hearings and also to submit and track changes as they progress. Hearings are in April/May for the green code so join in with CDP Access to track voting and see results. ICC is making open call for Code Develop Committees; some members already include Pat D and Brian B from the State of Iowa.

EAST – No meeting or reports.

MICCC – Roger reported the group is working through the implementation process of 2012 IECC for metro area, also stated there will be a May builders luncheon in Ankeny to address energy code and other code topics.

Old Business – See Ron Hoover if interested in the poker chips.

New Business – None. There was not a speaker scheduled so the time was used for general conversation and questions from the group regarding temporary sanitation during construction, UPC 2012 plumbing code regarding threshold requirements of separate facilities for men and women, and fire sprinkler requirements for reuse of buildings or change of use of buildings in smaller communities.

Motion for the meeting to adjourn was made by Denny B and seconded by Ron H. Motion passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:00AM

Respectfully submitted by IABO Secretary Roger Schemmel


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