Minutes: July 10, 2014 Meeting at Iowa Department of Public Safety

Introductions and Roll call:

President Cody Christensen called the meeting to order at approximately 9:00 AM

Board Members present were Cody Christensen, Roger Schemmel, Tim Hennes and absent were Adam Fedders, Mike Pardekooper and Tom Palmer. A count of three board members and more than 15 members was taken to determine there was a quorum.

Approval of May meeting minutes
Review minutes of the May 2014 IABO Chapter Meeting.

A motion was made by Keith Rash and seconded by Jared Ruby to approve the minutes . Motion passed.

Communications and Correspondence

- Dan Wood, Department of Public Safety nominated Brain Bishop for ICC Code Official of the Year. Cody Christensen sent a letter of support to the ICC nominating committee.

Treasure’s Report. Adam Fedders was not present but sent the Treasure report that shows $4,030.00 income and $8.34 expenses in May which leaves a current book balance of $39,577.94. Report was passed around for members to review and motion for approval after the State Building Code Bureau update.

State Building Code Bureau Brian Bishop reported that Rich Bolton was named Acting Building Code Commissioner and Ljerka Vasiljevic was named Deputy Building Code Commissioner.

Rich Bolton introduced himself and expressed importance of the State of Iowa and IABO discussing issues collaboratively and hopes the state can continue being an asset to the IABO organization.

Brian reported that through a partnership with ICC and the Building Code Advisory Council copies of the 2015 I Codes will be reviewed with the intent of adoption on January 1, 2015 or within the first quarter of 2015. The Council will be reviewing the IBC, IFC and IRC for adoption.

Staff is starting to review the documents with the hopes of getting it to the Building Code Council in September.

The Department of Public Health (DPH) is moving toward adoption of the 2012 International Mechanical Code with very few amendments. The Fire Marshal’s office is involved making sure there were no conflicts with the current Iowa law such as healthcare occupancies, referencing ASHREA 62.1 for ventilation and a few other things. The adoption date should be within the next couple weeks.

It was asked if the DPH would honor the state statute that requires adoption of the newest mechanical code within 6 months after publication. Brian replied that after talking to legislators that it might not be realistic to get it adopted within 6 months but would expect it to be adopted within 1 year of the publication date.

A motion was made by Steve Richardson and seconded by Denny Bernholtz to approve the Treasure Report . Motion passed.

Iowa Department of Public Health Report
This update was covered in Brian Bishops update. 

Hawkeye State Fire SafetyAssociation:
Jim thatcher, Kurt Westhoff and Orey Schwitzer, representing the Hawkeye State Fire Safety Association invited IABO members to a September seminar on Legal Aspects of Code Enforcement and to the annual four day Hawkeye State Fire Safety Association seminars in October.

Jim stated the HSFSA Board discussed the lack of a permanent state Building Code Commissioner with a qualified person and voted unanimously to pursue reestablishment of that permanent position. HSFSA is looking to IABO to answer two questions: Does IABO agree the State of Iowa needs a permanent Building Code Official position with a qualified person and if so what role does IABO want to take? Jim went on to say, HSFSA does not necessarily have to lead this pursuit but at the same time is willing to lead if IABO doesn’t want to take the lead role. Also, Jim noted that other organizations would need to be involved, such as the architects and Home Builders Association.

Kurt stated that state trade licensing (later clarified as fire suppression licensing) issues are part of the motivation that lead their association to pursue this issue. Kurt mentioned that his department has had to take on additional inspections on group homes that the state can’t do anymore and is disappointed on how that was delivered to the fire service because they had no say in how it was implemented. Kurt stated that he thought the collectively we could achieve the goal of getting a permanent Building Code Official.

Orey reiterated Jim and Kurt’s comments.

Jim concluded by explaining what happened in Cedar Rapids with the Building Official position and how important the position is and hopes we can convince the State of Iowa how important the position is and get the State Building Code Commissioner position filled with a permanent qualified person.

Rich Bolten, Acting Building Code Commissioner, explained the Fire Marshal’s office is divided into different bureaus and most of the issues mentioned by HSFSA would have come from the Fire Protection Bureau. The Building Code Bureau doesn’t have any say over group homes. The Building Code Bureau looks at schools because the Department of Education’s statute states review and inspections will be done at the local or state level and if there is no local review or inspections it will be done at the state level. It’s been determined that since some communities have hired full time fire chiefs and/or fire marshals and are doing their own plan reviews, it became a work load issue for the Fire Protection Bureau. Rich stated some communities have asked permission from the Fire Prevention Bureau to do their own inspections and the Fire Marshal offered the opportunity to review and inspect.

Brian Bishop explained the state is in the process of updating the list of jurisdictions that have been approved to review and inspect these types of projects.

Steve Richardson asked if HSFSA had a website that IABO could link to start cross communication. Steve suggested starting with the co-chairs of the Justice Appropriations Committee because they control what the house and senate budget says and suggested to try to reach a compromise between the two. Also, local legislatures should be approached for support.

Rich suggested starting with Department of Public Safety Commissioner or Jeff Quigle, State Fire Marshal, to see what their position is on this issue. They will have knowledge of what’s going on internally and might be able to give an answer that will satisfy any questions before taking it to a more extensive process. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer from them the topic can be discussed with legislators.

Roger Schemmel agreed communicate with HSFSA to set some direction on this topic and report back at the next meeting.

Legislative – No report. There was brief discussion on possibly developing a plan to start working toward a minimum state wide building code similar to the electrical and energy codes.

Education – Bob Hendricks is discussing with engineers to coordinate a soils education sometime in the fall after every ones workloads lessens.

Membership – No report

Scholarship – No report

Program – Next meeting will be at Iowa Department of Public Safety. Speaker not known at this time. Cody Christensen stated Des Moines could possibly offer job site tours.

Keith Rash mentioned that MICCC is in support of NEC training in January 2015.

Code Development – Committee did review the proposed amendments to the 2014 NEC and did speak in support of the amendments at the last Electrical Board meeting. The official public comment will be on August 12, 2014.

Endorsement– No report

Audit– no report

Nomination– No report


(After break the July minutes were approved after a friendly reminder from Jeff Junker.)

Region III Report – No report

ICC Report – No report

Eastern (EICBIC) – No report

Central (MICCC) – Keith Rash mentioned they discussed the new inspection portal with Mid American Energy. Brian Bishop mentioned the will be partnering with NFPA for NEC training in January.

Old Business - None

New Business – Discussion on attending the International Code Council 2014 Annual Conference, Public Comment Hearings on the 2015 International Green Construction Codes and Expo September 28 – October 4, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

A motion was made by Roger Schemmel and seconded by Marsh Augenstein to have IABO pay for ICC Annual Conference attendee’s shirts. An amendment to the motion was offered and accepted to offer shirts to non-ICC Annual Conference attendee’s shirts at a minimal cost. Motioned passed.

Cody reminded members that IABO has funds to help support travel for members whose budget wouldn’t fully fund travel to the Annual Business Meeting. Funding consist of allocating $5,000, to be divided equally to all members who apply for funding. In order to be eligible for the monetary support an application would be required of the attendee prior to attending the conference.

Cody Christensen stated that anyone interested in volunteering to get pins that would represent IABO to hand out at the annual conference to contact Tim Hennes.

Roger Schemmel stated he would work on making the membership list available on the website.

Presentation / Tour
Cody Christensen explained issues faced and the resulting difficulties the neighboring buildings had experienced following the Younkers Building fire. Cody invited members to view, from neighboring properties, the building that was destroyed by fire and that is being demolished and the damaged neighboring buildings.

Following the presentation a motion for the meeting to adjourn was made by Steve Richardson and seconded by Jared Ruby. Motion passed.

 Meeting adjourned at 11:19

 Respectfully submitted by IABO Secretary Tim Hennes


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