Minutes: May 8th, 2014 Meeting at Iowa Department of Public Safety

 Introductions and Roll call:

President Cody Christensen called the meeting to order at approximately 9:01AM and welcomed everyone especially the new faces to the Department of Public Safety Building.

Board Members present were Cody Christensen, Roger Schemmel Mike Pardekooper and absent were Adam Fedders and Tom Palmer. A count of three board members and more than 15 members was taken to determined there was a quorum.

Approval of March meeting minutes Review minutes of the March 2014 IABO Chapter Meeting.

A motion was made by Doug Jordison and seconded by Denney Burnholtz to approve the minutes . Motion passed.

 Communications and Correspondence 

  • Received a request for support from Robert Boyer for the Secretary position on ICC Board of Directors. Letter was given to Dave Churchill as representative of Endorsement Committee.

-     Other correspondence was emailed to the group as it was received. 

Treasure’s Report. Adam Fedders was not present and stated by email he will have a Treasure report at next meeting. State Building Code Bureau Brian Bishop reported Building Safety month with the Governor signing the proclamation.

Brian discussed the Iowa Homeland Disaster Response Team thru Iowa Homeland. DPS will manage the program, and will use Iowa Code 29C to provide immunity for volunteers such as Inspectors, Architects and Engineers. He is still looking for final signed MOU. The team will be asking to have IABO members to become part of the rooster by signing up later this year.

June 1st the IECC will officially be in effect for the state. Anticipate first quarter of 2015 for adoption of the 2015 Building Codes and that adoption would likely include the IECC.

Brian then introduced Stephanie Weisenbach of IEDA. She described a CNG workshop that will take place in Cedar Falls in June. The speaker for the workshop will be Fire Chief Jeremy Moore from Oklahoma. IABO will be giving out CEU’s for attendance and lunch will be provided. She then described a workshop in Kansas City and a DOE grant that will cover the lodging for governmental attendees. 

Iowa Department of Public Health Report

Cindy handed out a copy of Statute 105.4 that addresses the plumbing and mechanical code. It describes some of the language and how it affects local jurisdictions. Chapter 61 is a new chapter that addresses the Mechanical code and she expects the IMC to be adopted around July 14th. Brian Bishop from DPS worked with the board on coordination of the few amendments that were made.

She then described some of the new types of master and journeyman licenses. Licenses renewals will be due July 1st, with about 12,000 renewals expected at that time. Licensees were sent letters regarding the expiration date. The list of contractors is on the IDPH website and the master and journey license are listed in Licensed in Iowa website. 

Committee Reports 

Legislative – Brian Bishop, legislative is session over, no report. If there are any pending bills IABO would like support that should start in the late summer or fall. 

Education – Bob Hendricks is discussing with engineers to coordinate a soils education sometime in the fall after every ones workloads lessens. Dennis Jordison mentioned he feels there is need for Mechanical inspector training and how it coordinates with the IECC. 

Membership – no report 

Scholarship – Mike P reported about 10 applications were distributed to the review committee for evaluation. 

Program – Same location here at IDPS next meeting, speaker not known at this time. 

Code Development – There are some amendments regarding arc fault requirements that are being reviewed for the 2014 NEC. Brain Bishop mentioned that Brian Young encourages any comments from IABO. Any other items can be sent to Cody for the committee to review. 

Endorsement– Received the letter from Bob Boyer. 

Audit– no report 

Nomination– Brita moved to Colorado leaving the President seat open. Cody moved to the President seat, and Mike Pardekooper moves to the 1st Vice President. There will need to nominations and voting for 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer Positions. Bob Hendricks of the nominating committee submitted Roger Schemmel as 2nd Vice President, Adam Fedders to remain as Treasure and Tim Hennes as Secretary. Cody asked for any nominations from the floor, there were none. Dennis Jordison made a motion to cast a unanimous vote for the slate of candidates as presented with Marsh Augenstein seconding the motion. Motion passed.

 Break 9:55 to 10:26

After break Brian Bishop mentioned the State reopened the Building Inspector position. 

Region III Report – none 

ICC Report – Bob Neil of ICC presented a Chapter President pin to Cody Christensen. Bob then explained the CDP Access and real time voting history and now it has evolved into a code development tool that allows users from different locations to collaborate on common code changes. ICC is now in the development of Group C codes. Remember that you need to be designated as a voter to vote through CDP Access. This designation of voters must be reestablished each year. He will be sending emails to all Chapter Presidents regarding ICC correspondence. The ICC codes and content is driven by the ICC membership and their involvement. 

Chapter Expectations for 2014

Cody asked if there were any chapter wxpectations for 2014 and if not any major feedback will continue with the current direction. Cody then asked Roger to review the Website where he reviewed some of the activity on the website based on hits per page. The hit history was included in the last page of the newsletter. Future use of the website may be used for question answer dialog. 

EAST – no report 

MICCC – Roger mentioned the group put together a handout of the 2012 IECC with the primary changes of interest relating to homebuilders. 

Old Business - None

New Business – None 


Jered Wiskus, Home Performance Solutions and the 2012 IECC Residential Code Compliance. 

Following the presentation a motion for the meeting to adjourn was made by Denney Burnholtz and seconded by David Churchill. Motion passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:32

 Respectfully submitted by IABO Secretary Roger Schemmel


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