Minutes: March 12, 2015 Meeting at Iowa Department of Public Safety

Introductions and Roll call:

President Cody Christensen called the meeting to order at approximately 9:09 AM

Board Members present were Cody Christensen, Roger Schemmel, Mike Pardekooper, Tim Hennes, Linda Rivers and Tom Palmer. A count of three board members and more than 15 members was taken to determine there was a quorum.

Approval of January meeting minutes Reviewed the minutes of the January 7, 2015 IABO Chapter Meeting.

A motion was made by Denny Bernholtz and seconded by Creston Turnbull to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Communications and Correspondence

None to report

Treasure’s Report.

Linda passed out a profit and loss report and stated we earned, year to date, $6,303.50. There is $49,781.78 in the bank. We have about $1,780 in membership renewals that we have not received but we have billed for. There are no outstanding liabilities. Linda reported profit and loss on the last three seminars as follows:

  • January 8, there were 67 attendees at the 2015 IRC Significant Changes $6,540 income, $3,797.17 expenses, total income $2,742.83;
  • The 2012 Accessibility and Usability for Commercial Buildings had 44 attendees $4,760 income, $3,170.23 expenses, total income $1,589.77. We have not received the catering bill yet;
  • February 25, , there were 35 attendees at the Permit Technician Institute $4,610 income, $2,631.80 expenses, total income $1,789.77. We have not received the catering bill yet for this seminar.

Linda stated she had the check registry for review if anyone wanted to see it.

Linda stated a CD was opened with $20,000 and moved $28,000 into a money market account.

Cody stated that past decade we’ve survived through some lean years. The Board discussed setting up a budget to follow is part of the reason we put the money in a CD with the goal being to provide a cushion in the event we have a seminar that have loses money and the cushion will allow us to continue doing business.

A motion was made by Ron Hoover and seconded by Pat Parsley to approve the Treasure’s report. Motion passed.

State Building Code Bureau Brian Bishop reported:

  • Working with the Department of Public Health on the adoption of the 2015 International Mechanical Code;
  • Building Code adoption is planned for late summer or early fall;
  • BSAFE Disaster Response Team Training scheduled for April 14th in Ames, it is a one day training;
  • Brian had continuing education certificates for those that attended the January NEC update;
  • Legislative issues that are still active:
    • School radon testing
    • Fireworks bill
    • Supervision of electrical wiring performed by an apprentice or unclassified person
    • Life cycle cost analysis for public buildings

 Legislative Committee: Cody wanted to know if the membership should be lobbying to affect some of the bills that would affect the organization. Rich Bolton explained the legislative process and mentioned if we really wanted to track issues, having someone there is the only way to do it. Tom Palmer, Ron Hoover and Jeff Junker provided some history on IABO’s past experiences and practice with lobbyist. Linda inquired about the cost to hire a lobbyist to provide this service. Chuck was paid $1,000 per month, which was full time. The next lobbyist was paid $3,000 for the legislative season.

A motion was made by Roger Schemmel seconded by Rod VanGenderen to have $4,000 delegated to the Legislative Committee that they can use for the calendar year 2015 so they can move on an action immediately or entertain later on this year; that will give them time to research. The intention is to allow them to act on something quickly or have a certain dollar amount to exercise and interview people and knowing what they have to work with. If it goes beyond that they should come back to the group for further discussion and approval. Motion passed.

 Iowa Department of Public Health Report

Brian mentioned Cindy Houlson stepping down from her position with the Department of Public Health effective March 26, 2015. 

Committee Reports

Education – Mike Pardekooper updated the membership on upcoming seminars:

  • BESAFE Training in April
  • Based on information from a previous meeting when Don Grove with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission came to our meeting and expressed concerns with issues on accessibility they are finding in multifamily buildings. From this a seminar was developed and will be held May 21, 2015. The Iowa Civil Rights Commission, in conjunction with the Institute of Architects and the Home Builders Association will put on a seminar to help identify what the Civil Rights Commission Inspectors will be looking for during their accessibility inspections of multifamily dwellings. The seminar is sponsored by HUD and there cannot be a registration fee for the seminar. There is no financing for this seminar and sponsors were sought to help pay for it. Jeff Harden secured Prairie Meadows, the Civil Rights Commission is putting $525 toward it, Denny Bernholtz, Safe Buildings Iowa is donating $500 for the seminar. The HBA has five companies that are contributing $250 each for a total of $1,250. The American Institute of Architects will be requesting approval of a donation from its membership at their next meeting. IABO has representation on the steering committee and the membership needs to discuss and decide what amount should be allocated to help sponsor this seminar. Total amount sponsored to date, without IABO’s amount, is $2,250. A motion was made by Linda Rivers and seconded by Mike Pardekooper to sponsor $1,000 for this seminar. The motion passed.

Scholarship- Cody mentioned that he spoke with Shelly Bernholtz and she would be sending out brouchs today with a due date of April 16 to allow the Scholarship Committee time to review and award the scholarships by May 1st and handed out at graduation. The committee is asking that IABO members from the area where they are awarded be available to hand out the scholarships.

Mike Pardekooper updated the membership on the scholarship program by stating we sponsor a two-year and four-year scholarship each year in the amount of $500 each. We have a total liability of $3,000 each year to fund the program.

Program – Roger reported the May meeting will be at the Department of Public Safety, same location, and do an internal free form of code adoption, questions and conversation. July meeting will be at the DPS and David Dodge with McKeon Door Co. will present a fire door and systems a guide for code officials. Ceu’s will be provided for this presentation. It will be two hours in the morning and another three hours in the afternoon for those who can come back after lunch.

Code Development – Cody asked Pat Parsley to champion an effort to work with Region III to put together a recommendation that this committee can use in the fall for the final action hearings.

Membership– No report

Endorsement – No Report

Audit – No Report

Nomination- No Report

 ICC Report – Ron Hoover reported that March 20, 2015 is the deadline to get your voting representatives registered to be able to vote at the hearings and cdp access.

The Committee Hearings are April 19th through the 30th in Memphis.

The annual business meeting is September 27th through the 29th and code hearings will follow right after the business meeting in Long Beach, California. Ron stated his seat on the ICC board is up this fall and the sectional seat he’s vacating will be open for any qualified candidate.

Ron noted the ICC committees and board are looking at the relationship the chapters and ICC organization with regard to chapter benefits which are training programs and the support the chapter gets from ICC. Ron stated it’s a contract with services on both sides and ICC expects there to be some gain on supporting the chapters. This is being reviewed to see that it’s a win on both sides.

Region III Report – Ron Hoover reported the training program was very successful this year.

Eastern (EICBIC) – Ron Hoover reported the Permit Tech training was a success. Also, the Cedar Rapids metro area is moving toward adopting the 2015 codes.

Central (MICCC) – Roger Schemmel reported the Central Iowa Code Consortium, a targeted group of 18 jurisdictions, is working toward a unified code adopted through the area. The group is developing a memorandum of understanding to distribute to all the communities to formulate a process to review all the codes on the same cycle. They propose developing a standard set of amendments which would allow each community to adopt the standardized amendments and still allow each community to have amendments specific to their jurisdictions. They will be starting to sign up communities within the next few weeks hoping to have the entire adoption process completed by February or March of 2016.

Old Business – Cody stated the IABO officers would like to form a committee to work on a review of our bylaws to come up a definition of full-time as it is applicable to the IABO bylaws. Jeff Junker nominated Ron Hoover to work on this. Ron Hoover suggested to also include members who have not worked on the bylaws. Linda Rivers volunteered to participate in the process.

A motion was made by Denny Bernholtz and seconded by Bob Hendricks to have Ron Hoover, Jeff Junker and Linda Rivers review the bylaws and report to the membership any proposed changes.

New Business – Ron Hoover stated his term as the Building Official representative on the Fire Sprinkler and Alarm Board is up in July 2015. If you know of anyone interested in being on this board please encourage them to participate.

Ron also stated he was asked to participate with the Iowa Architects Licensing and Examining Board to review their rules from a code standpoint. They will look at coordinating the rules with the language in the code.


  • Cdp Access-Online Code Development presented by Jim Smith, American Wood Council.
  • BSAFE Team Program presented by Brian Bishop, Iowa Department of Public Safety.

A motion to adjourn was made by Denny Bernholtz and seconded by Scott Ripperger. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned 11:58

 Respectfully submitted by IABO Secretary Tim Hennes



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