Minutes: January 7, 2015 Meeting at Drury Inn & Suites, West Des Moines IA

 Introductions and Roll call:

President Cody Christensen called the meeting to order at approximately 6:40 PM

Board Members present were Cody Christensen, Roger Schemmel, Mike Pardekooper, Tim Hennes and Linda Rivers absent was Tom Palmer. A count of three board members and more than 15 members was taken to determine there was a quorum.

Approval of November meeting minutes Review minutes of the November 13, 2014 IABO Chapter Meeting.

A motion was made by Jeff Junker and seconded by Rod Van Genderen to approve the minutes. Motion passed.


Communications and Correspondence


Email received from Iowa League of City’s asking IABO to support City Week. Cody will send them an          email stating we do support City Week in an effort to support their organization.


Audit– Cody stated that at the November meeting we did not have the financial information for the audit committee to review. The committee has since received the information and Cody asked Jeff Junker, Audit Committee representative, to give a report on the 2014 finances to the membership.

The Balance Sheet for 2014 showed a total income of $27,965.77 and $19,249.77 in total expenses which results in $8,716.00 net income for 2014.

Jeff Junker reported the Treasure’s information and numbers for the 2014 year as presented are in order. Jeff complimented Linda on the detail of information presented in the report. Moved by Bob Hendricks and seconded by Steve Nichols to accept the Audit Report. Motion passed.

Treasure’s Report.

Linda passed out a list of checks cut since the last meeting and also a profit and loss report for the seminar in November and the report shows $4,305.11 was made. Linda reported a current book balance of $44,398.28. Report was passed around for members to review.

Linda reported we are receiving renewals for 2015 and reminded the members that fees can be paid online via PayPal.

A motion was made by Ron Hoover and seconded by Jeff Junker to approve the Treasure’s report. Motion passed. 

State Building Code Bureau Brian Bishop reported:

  • A governor appointed Electrical Inspector position is open on the Electrical Examiners Board;
  • He was appointed to the Plumbing and Mechanical Board as the DPH representative;
  • State has hired Tony Sydel from Carol for the western Iowa Building Inspector position;
  • Adoption of the 2015 codes was moving forward;
  • Department of Public Safety Commission Larry Noble will retire on January 9, 2015 and there is no time table set for the Governor to appoint someone to the position. Before his retirement Commissioner Noble has started the paperwork to reestablish the Building Code Commissioner position and now it is being routed for the necessary signatures so the position can be reestablished.
  • Training is set for April 14 in Ames for the B-Safe disaster response team if anyone is interested in participating.

 Iowa Department of Public Health Report

Carmily Stone, Bureau Chief for Environmental Health Services explained the Department of Public Health is 1 of 15 different programs under her Bureau.

Carmily reported the following updates for the Department of Public Health:

  • Over 11,759 licenses were renewed for the Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board. She stated the next time renewals are due; they will all come due on July 1, 2017. All renew dates will be the same.
  • Noticed an approximate 20% drop in license renewals. Some of that is due to combination of licenses and some due to retirements and others might be from those who chose not to get their license and take that chance of getting investigated by the DPH. She introduced Craig Leiming as the new investigator that will be investigating complaints received and will be contacting those who did not renew their license to see why they are not renewing.
  • Completed the annual budget report for FY2016 and it is available on the DPH website for anyone interested in viewing the departments predictions.
  • The Board is reviewing the International Mechanical Code and working to incorporate the language into Chapter 61.
  • When the 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code is updated the Board will work to incorporate the language into Chapter 25.
  • Recently the Board made amendments to Chapter 29 to implement Home Base Iowa which is the Governors initiative for veterans.
  • The Department has transitioned to the new test provider, Kirkwood Community College. The transition went well and Carmily asked for any comments, positive or negative, regarding the transition. They have provided over 150 exams to exam candidates to date but it is too early to tell if there is a better pass rate than with the previous provider. They are waiting to get information in so they can share it with everyone.
  • They are looking for a new data base vendor for the 2017 license renewals and the plan is to have the renewals be online.

 Committee Reports

Region III Report – Cody introduced Jim Smith with the American Wood Council and Chair Person for Region III Code Development Committee. Cody would like to get IABO’s code development committee to work with Region III on code development issues. Jim talked about the code development process Region III follows. Jim stated Region III currently has four code changes that they propose to move along. After taking input they identified the changes associated with the Group A code cycle and the other proposed changes would wait until their appropriate code cycle. Some of the changes they are proposing deal are, frost protection at stoops, aggregate opening protection in fire rated walls, and exclude some of the exceptions for assembly seating having to be fastened together or to the floor.

Jim explained the ease of using cdp Access and encourages people to use it to submit changes.

 Cody identified the IABO members representing Region III are Brian Bishop, Roger Schemmel and Craig Clark.

 Education – Mike Pardekooper updated the membership on upcoming seminars:


  • 8th 2015 IRC Significant Changes in West Des Moines


  • February 2-6 is the annual regional meeting and seminars in Minnesota
  • 19th 2012 IBC Accessibility and Usability in Council Bluffs
  • 25 & 26 Permit Technician seminar is being put together in Eastern Iowa.

Denny Bernholtz said he is working with the Civil Rights Commission to provide training May 14. Sponsors are needed for this seminar to take place. Denny asked if IABO would be a sponsor and he’s also in communication with the Home Builders Association and AIA about sponsorship. Denny stated the next step is to form a stakeholders committee to put this together.

It was mentioned that May 14 does conflict with IABO’s regularly scheduled meeting.

A motion was made by Ray Nees and seconded by Craig Greene to support the effort to help facilitate Civil Rights Training. Motion passed.


Installation of Officers– ICC Board Member Ron Hoover installed the 2015 IABO Board Officers; Cody Christensen, President; Mike Pardekooper, First Vice President; Roger Schemmel, Second Vice President; Tim Hennes, Secretary; Linda Rivers, Treasure.

Ron then presented an ICC President pin to Cody Christensen.


ICC Report – Ron Hoover, mentioned the Group A code hearing cycle has started and the committee action hearings are in April in Memphis. Ron explained the members can oppose or request changes to a proposed code amendment at the committee action hearing but no formal vote of the membership occurs at that meeting. The motion opposing or changing the committee action will create a public comment that will be heard at the public comment hearing in Long Beach California in the fall. Ron encourages members to attend the code hearings.

Eastern (EICBIC) – Ron Hoover mentioned the jurisdictions in the Cedar Rapids metro area are moving forward with adoption of the 2015 codes with the goal of having them adopted by July 1, 2015.

Central (MICCC) – No report

Legislative – No report (Brain Bishop covered in his DPS report)

Membership– No report

Scholarship – No report

Program – No Report

Code Development – No report (Some information was presented in the Region III report)

Endorsement – No Report

Nomination– No report

Old Business – None

New Business – None


A motion to adjourn was made by Roger Schemmel and seconded by Jeff Junker. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned

Members and guest enjoyed Smokey D’s Award winning pulled pork and burnt ends, a slide show presentation put together by Roger Schemmel and more socializing.

Respectfully submitted by IABO Secretary Tim Hennes



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