Minutes:    May 14, 2015
Meeting at Iowa Department of Public Safety

Introductions and Roll call:

President Cody Christensen called the meeting to order at approximately 9:04 AM

Board Members present were Cody Christensen, Roger Schemmel, Tim Hennes, Linda Rivers and Tom Palmer. Absent was Mike Pardekooper. A count of three board members and more than 15 members was taken to determine there was a quorum.

Approval of January meeting minutes Reviewed the minutes of the March 12, 2015 IABO Chapter Meeting.

A motion was made by Ron Hoover and seconded by Denny Bernholtz to approve the minutes. Motion passed.


Communications and Correspondence


Cody stated an endorsement request for candidate for the ICC Board of Directors Secretary/Treasurer received from Jay Elbettar, PE, CBO, LEED AP, CASp Building Official for Mission Viejo, CA. The information will be passed on to the Endorsement Committee for review and recommendation for the membership.


Treasure’s Report.

Linda passed out a profit and loss report and stated we earned, year to date, $5,208.18. There are $50,466.96 total current assets. Linda Stated the Region III invoice was paid but the check has not been cashed yet.

A motion was made by Steve Richardson and seconded by Rod VanGenderen to approve the Treasure’s report. Motion passed.

State Building Code Bureau

DPS Commissioner Roxanne Ryan, Commissioner updated the membership as follows:

Richard Bolton was appointed the Building Code Commissioner and Ljerka Vasiljevic was appointed Deputy Building Code Commissioner.

She’s hoping to get the new building code rules submitted within the next week or two.

Barb Edmonson is the new Administrative Rules Coordinator and starts May 29, 2015.

Roxanne thanked the membership for working well with DPS and appreciates the collaboration.

Brian Bishop reported:

  • The BSAFE Disaster Response Team Training on April 14th in Ames had 59 attendees and 39 have registered volunteers for the BSAFE Team. Additional training could be offered in the future if there is a need.
  • The Plumbing and Mechanical Board has been reviewing the 2015 International Mechanical Code for adoption. There are not expected to a lot of amendments to the code.
  • The Plumbing and Mechanical Board will start looking at the 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code this summer. Expected to maintain the IPC fixture count.
  • The Executive Officer position on the Plumbing and Mechanical Board remains open.
  • The 2015 building codes should be adopted by the end of the year.
  • Several IABO members attended the Governors signing of the Building Safety Month Proclamation.


Iowa Department of Public Health Report

Craig Leaming, DPC Investigator stated:

  • The Executive Officer position should be filled by July.
  • Updated the membership on investigative action taken on licensing issues.


Legislative Committee:

Jeff Harden introduced Jim Obradovich to the membership and stated Jim has worked with the membership before.

Jim went on to explain the importance of having a being present and having a presence forces the legislators to think about anything they are doing that deals with building codes or enforcement.

Ron Hoover explained previous services with Jim were terminated due to IABO budget issues and not because of the work Jim did for IABO.

Cody stated he supports an increase in activity as it relates to the legislative process.

Steve Richardson explained the DPS has to remain neutral on legislative issues and having a presence would make the membership more proactive than reactive. He also mentioned it would be good to set legislative priorities.


Committee Reports


Denny Bernholtz updated the membership on the Civil Rights seminar stating there are 175 registrations for a seminar that is to have 152 maximum. The attendance details are still being worked out and accommodations should be made for all that attend.



Jeff Harden stated there were 10 candidates that applied for scholarships. The Scholarship Committee reviewed and awarded scholarships to:

Michael Steege, Denver Community School District, Denver, IA received the $500 four year scholarship and will be attending Iowa State University majoring in Engineering.

Samuel Workman, Carlisle Community School District, Carlisle, IA received the $500 two year scholarship and will be attending Des Moines Area Community College to study pre-engineering.

Award letters will be sent to the recipients.

Cody asked Denny to give our thanks to Shelly Bernholtz for all her help with putting this together.


Roger reported todays program is a roundtable discussion on code topics and cdp Access. The July 9 meeting will be at the DPS and David Dodge with McKeon Door Co. will present a fire door and systems a guide for code officials. Ceu’s will be provided for this presentation. It will be two hours in the morning and another three hours in the afternoon for those who can come back after lunch.


Code Development

Cody asked Pat Parsley to champion an effort to work with Region III to put together a recommendation that this committee can use in the fall for the final action hearings.


Membership– No report



Cody will forward endorsement request to the Endorsement Committee for their review and recommendation to the membership.


Audit – No Report

Nomination- No Report


ICC Report – Ron Hoover reported:

  • Encourage members to attend the ABM and code hearings in Long Beach, CA.
  • ICC newsletter report sent out on Group A 2018 codes stated there were 718 code changes moved forward. 5,018 sign in from 14 countries to the webcast viewing the hearings.
  • The plumping and mechanical provisions had 641 changes and 2077 webcast viewers. There were 1359 proposed code changes which resulted in 97 code proposals to vote on.
  • Encourage members to log on vote on the code proposals.


Region III Report – Ron Hoover reported Region III had a voting guide available at the code hearings in Memphis


Eastern (EICBIC) – It was reported most jurisdictions in eastern Iowa were working to adopt the 2015 codes.


Central (MICCC) – Roger Schemmel reported:

  • Training was provided on the Mega-flex installation requirements.
  • The Central Iowa Code Consortium, a targeted group of 18 jurisdictions, is working toward a unified code adopted through the area. The group is developing a memorandum of understanding to distribute to all the communities to formulate a process to review all the codes on the same cycle. They propose developing a standard set of amendments which would allow each community to adopt the standardized amendments and still allow each community to have amendments specific to their jurisdictions. Eleven (11) communities have signed up which is enough to start the process with the intent to review and adopt the 2015 codes by the spring of 2016.


Old Business

Jeff Junker reported the Bylaw Committee reviewed and is recommending changes to the bylaws. Some of the notable changes are:

  • A couple definition were changed;
  • How membership dues are changed is being amended;
  • Per Diem rates have been change to reflect current amounts;

A motion was made by Steve Richardson and seconded by Linda Rivers to send the revised bylaws to the membership for review. Motion passed.

Cody explained in order to approve the changes it takes two-thirds of the voters to change the bylaws.

Cody asked the committee to get an electronic version to him or Tim so it can be sent to the membership for a vote.


New Business

Cody reminded everyone it is Building Safety Month and asked them to promote the building codes to their communities.



Open discussion on code questions and reviewed and viewed cdp Access process.


A motion to adjourn was made by Denny Bernholtz and seconded by Creston Turnbull. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned 11:58


Respectfully submitted by IABO Secretary Tim Hennes


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