Minutes: January 14, 2016
Meeting at Drury Inn & Suites, West Des Moines IA

Introductions and Roll call:

Past President Cody Christensen called the meeting to order at approximately 6:42 PM. Cody welcomed ICC Board Member Jim Brown and ICC Government Relations Senior Manager Richard Hauffe.

The 2016 IABO officers were installed by ICC Board Member Jim Brown. The officers are as follows:
Mike Parderkooper – President
Roger Schemmel – 1st Vice President
Tim Hennes – 2nd Vice President
Brian Bishop – Secretary
Linda Rivers – Treasurer
Cody Christensen – Past President

Richard Hauffe, ICC Staff Liaison presented Mike Pardekooper with a certificate and ICC Chapter president pin. Richard also presented Cody Christensen and Tom Palmer with a certificate and ICC Chapter Past President pin.

Board Members present were Mike Pardekooper, Roger Schemmel, Tim Hennes, Brian Bishop, Linda Rivers, and Cody Christensen. A count of three board members and more than 15 members was taken to determine there was a quorum.

Approval of November meeting minutes Review minutes of the November 12, 2015 IABO Chapter Meeting.

A motion was made by Tim Hennes and seconded by Ron Hoover to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Communications and Correspondence

There was no communications received prior to this meeting.

Treasure’s Report.

Linda distributed the Treasurer’s report. As of December 1, IABO had $54,998.16 in assets. Report was passed around for members to review. Linda reports IABO is financially healthy.

A motion was made by Ron Hoover and seconded by Denny Bernholtz to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

State Building Code Bureau  Rich Bolten, State Building Code Commissioner reported the adoption of the 2015 I-Codes continues to progress. The State Building Code Advisory Council voted to move forward with the adoption of the 2015 IBC, IRC, and IEBC. The State Fire Marshal is also adopting the 2015 IFC. Public hearings have taken place and the comment period should last another 10-15 days. The codes should be approved by April with an effective date of July 1, 2016. The energy code was not a part of this adoption, but should follow shortly. Stakeholder meetings for the energy code continue with a possible adoption date of later summer to early fall.

Iowa Department of Public Health Report Craig Leaming, Investigator for the Iowa Department of Public Health – Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board reported that the adoption process for the 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code and the 2015 International Mechanical Code continue with public hearings. The scheduled adoption of these two codes is June 1, 2016. The board currently has approximately 23,158 licenses in good standing. Of this total 10,570 individuals hold licenses, 1,576 contractors, and 6403 individuals did not renew their licenses. Jennifer Hart is the new Executive Officer for the Board and has implemented many changes to make things more user-friendly. The board will be implementing a new software program.

Committee Reports Legislative Jim Obradovich reported on the status of the opening week of the State Legislature. Jim mentioned that the first option was to get IABO added visibility to the various legislative committees that will be responsible for any building code related legislation.

Education Denny Bernholtz said he was contacted by the Civil Rights Commission to host another training similar to the event last May. More information is needed on what IABO role will be. Denny will follow up with the Civil Rights Commission and report back to the membership.

Audit Committee Jeff Junker reported the Treasure’s information and numbers for the 2015 year as presented are in order. Moved by Ron Hoover and seconded by Steve Donnelly to accept the Audit Report. Motion passed.

ICC Report Jim Brown, ICC Board Member thanked the IABO membership for the kind welcome and hospitality. Jim reported on the progress on cdp Access and encouraged all of the members to get involved.  ICC currently has a call for committee to serve on the Tall Wood Committee. ICC has established a high school technical training program to encourage students to look at the construction code industry as a profession. Louisville, KY is the site of the Group B code hearings in April. Kansas City, MO will be hosting the 2016 ICC Annual Business Meeting and Final Action Hearings. Jim encouraged all of those in attendance to attend in Louisville and Kansas City and take advantage of any state or ICC scholarship opportunities. Jim ended the report publically thanking Ron and Julie Hoover for all of their support over the years. Richard Hauffe, ICC Government Relations Staff spoke to the membership and provided a brief history of his career. Richard mentioned the ICC high school program and would like to get one school in Iowa started with this program.

Region III Report – Brian Bishop reported that February 8-12, 2016 is the Region III education event and encouraged all to attend. Registration ends on February 5, 2016.

Eastern (EICBIC) – No report

Central (MICCC) – Roger Schemmel mentioned the work of the Central Iowa Codes Consortium. Work continues with all of the various code committees with end goal of code adoptions this summer.

Membership– No report

Scholarship – No report

Program – No Report

Code Development – No report

Endorsement – No Report

Nomination– No report

Old Business – None

New Business – Mike Pardekooper spoke about the IBC training seminar and how John Gibson informed IABO the night before that his plane had engine problems and he was not going to be able to make it for the morning session. Dave Kuhn, Building Inspector from the City of Urbandale stepped up to teach the morning session without even seeing the presentation. President Pardekooper presented Dave Kuhn with a $250 Lowes Gift Card as a token of appreciation from the IABO board for teaching the morning session.

IABO Awards: President Pardekooper stated that the IABO board decided to start an awards program to honor members for exemplary service in the construction codes industry.

The first award of the night was the Building Official of the Year. The 2016 and first annual recipient of this award is Ron Hoover, CBO, MCP Building Official for the City of Marion. Ron received this award due to his service on local, state, and national organizations including IABO, Hawkeye Fire Safety Association and the International Code Council Board of Directors. Ron thanked the IABO membership for receiving this award.

The second award of the night was the IABO Lifetime Achievement Award. The 2016 and first annual recipient of this award is Rod Van Genderen, CBO Building Official for the City of West Des Moines due to his service to the IABO organization, especially during IABO’s infancy, and his continued service to the City of West Des Moines. Rod was not in attendance at the banquet, but was able to be honored with this award at the next day’s training seminar. Rod thanked the IABO membership for receiving this award.

An additional IABO Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Maurice Dudney, Building Official for the City of Urbandale. Maurice retired on January 29, 2016 after 38 years of service in the building codes arena.

A motion to adjourn was made by Jeff Junker and seconded by Linda Rivers . Motion passed. Meeting adjourned Members and guest enjoyed Smokey D’s Award BBQ buffet, Comedian Josh Novey and more socializing.

Respectfully submitted by IABO Secretary Brian Bishop


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