November 14, 2013

Ankeney Public Service Center, Ankeney, IA


Introductions and Welcome
Brita Van Horne welcomed the members to Ankeny at 9:02. Board Members present were Brita Van Horne, Roger Schemmel and Tom Palmer with Cody Christensen and Mike Pardekooper arriving later. Absent from the meeting was Adam Fedders. There were 25 members present meeting the quorum requirements.

Review minutes of the September 2013 IABO Chapter meeting.
Ron Hoover mentioned to change some of the names in the endorsement report. Jim brown was to retain his seat and Allen Boswell was running for seat at large.  Motion made by Steve Richardson and seconded by Dennis Jordison to accept minutes as amended. Motion passed.

Treasures report
Treasure Adam Fedders was not present. Roger read the report submitted by Adam indicating YTD income of $34,523.95 and expenses of $34,534.61 for a net YTD change of -$10.66 with a final balance of $31,771.64 on 11/13/2013. Motion made by Tim Hennes and seconded by Denny Burnholtz to approve the Treasures Report. Motion passed.

State Building Report: Brian Bishop
Being it is November, will be watching for Bills that affect Building Bureau and can forward info on potential bills that may also affect IABO. Some advisory boards have some open seats; Plumbing Board has position and Building code advisory will have two seats open. If interested get applications submitted. Dave Ruffcorn with Energy Code Department will be working with Alliant and Mid-American for training in January in Carroll, Ames, Cedar Rapids, Pella and Des Moines; a flyer will be sent out. The 2012 IBC IFC codes had been approved to go forward but with some internal departmental changes the adoption will be on hold and wait for the 2015 codes. The 2012 IECC will go forward with notice of intended action being sent soon and expect the final adoption will be in March 2014. Brian then introduced Jeff Quigle. Jeff stated he has been with the State of Iowa for about 24 years with 15 years in State Fire Marshall office and explained that Larry Noble asked him to step in and act as State Building Code Commissioner.  Biggest issue right now is budget and getting creative for operations. Department is also looking at getting more efficient vehicles for state inspectors. Jeff believes the State Building Code commissioner should be from the civilian side and since the passing of Stuart Crine there has been a deficit in both the position and the budget for the replacement. His door is always open if anyone has questions.
There was a question regarding when 2012 IECC will be adopted;  Brian responded there will be a Notice of Intended Action filed in December with Implementation of code and amendments by March or April of 2014; the energy code was pushed forward because of grants and funding coming for the federal level.

Department of Public Health Report: Ken Sharp.
Ken mentioned there has been some reorganization and consequently he has taken on more responsibility, and because of that he will be stepping away from some of the state board activity and we may find Carmilly Stone or Cindy Houlson attending these IABO meetings. Ken also mentioned there are some last minute rules adjustments to the sheet metal master license that would remove this license requirement.  Contractor licenses will be issued until the end of the year at no cost or fee, starting January 2014 this license will be $150.00. Ken responded based on questions regarding local permits that if a person is operating a plumbing or mechanical business, that person will need to have a State issued Contractor License and a Master License of record for the respective trade. The state does not have permit or inspection authority for plumbing or mechanical so that function is left to the local authority. Go to the website for the current list of Licensed Contractors. The state contractor license shows that the company has insurance, is bonded and employs the right people.

Ken then discussed the mechanical code adoption should be ready to be noticed in January 2014. The 2012 IMC will be proposed with some amendments to ventilation rates and administration items.  The rules will be brought to both the Board of Health and the Plumbing & Mechanical Board.
Last items reviewed were testing with Prometric and recent conversations with community colleges & ICC taking on that roll. Ken also mentioned there are two board vacancies, a journey union plumber and a plumbing inspector for the Plumbing and Mechanical systems board.

Committee Reports

Legislative – Did not meet

Education – Cody Christiansen mentioned the Electrical Exam training was last week. He encourages each to take the test as soon as possible after the training; several have reported taking exam and have passed.  Cody announced the January education will be on the 7th and 8th with Jay Woodward being the instructor.

Membership – No report

Scholarship - No report. Need to meet and send out info by first of year.

Program – Next meeting will be in Urbandale in the FEMA grade storm shelter along with an Annual Banquet.

Code Development – No report, did not meet

Endorsement Committee –No Report, Did not meet

Audit Committee – no report other than Roger Schemmel asked for a volunteer to join the committee to fill the vacant position from the passing of Danny Bolt. Mike Pardakooper volunteered to help.

Nomination Committee – Dennis Jordison presented a slate of officers for 2014 to be the reelection of the 2013 officers as listed on the front of the Novembers 2013 newsletter.  Brita made three calls for nominations from the floor; there were none. Dennis Jordison moved to close the nominations and direct the secretary to record a vote for the officers as presented, second by Steve Richardson, passed unanimously.

End of committee reports and there was a break at 10:02 for 15 minutes

After the break Tom Clause spoke regarding the Iowa Architectural Examiners Board and the rules for Architectural certification, licensing and drawings. Much conversation and dialog followed.

Region III Report
There is an educational institute in February in Minnesota info will be sent by email.

ICC Report
Bob Neal mentioned the release of 2015 Codes could be June of 2014, when available there could again be the single free download for municipalities.  There will be code hearings in the fall of 2016 in Kansas City.
Ron Hoover discussed the new CDP Access function and the roll out going live November 15th.

CDP stands for “Code Development Process”.  It can be used to submit proposed code changes, collaborate modifications and track progress with the last component being electronic voting. Log into the web site to use which has a higher level of security and Ron encourages all to login and use it. Also he was at meeting in Illinois last week at Chapter meeting and would suggest that this chapter have some dialog for training benefits. Bob Neale then mentioned CDP Access does not allow you to vote for the board of directors or other motions at the Annual Business Meeting so there is still a need to go to the ABM.

Old Business
Brita discussed briefly the new IABO website and some of the new functions. Gave address to a test website address for members to test the site.

New Business
Brita described the web service provider for several years has been Ron Hoover’s son and was doing it for free for the last 3+ years and asked the members to consider reimbursing Ron’s son for his past service.  Tom Palmer made a motion and was modified to reimburse his son $1,000.00, considering the new provider charges $250.00 a year and we have had his service for well over four years. Motion seconded by Denny Burnholtz, vote was taken and passed with a note that Ron Hoover abstained voting.

CEU Certificates were issued and Meeting adjourned 12:12 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Secretary Roger Schemmel.


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