May 9, 2013

Winterset Public Library

Introductions and Roll call:

The meeting was called to order at 9:02 by Vice President Dave Churchill. Board members present were Cody Christensen, Roger Schemmel, Mike Pardekooper and Dave Churchill. President Brita VanHorne and Tom Palmer were absent. A count of 15 members was taken which determines there is a quorum.

Approval of March Minutes:

A motion to approve as written made by Jeff Junker and seconded by Adam Fedders

Vote: Unanimous pass


Correspondence Received:  No hard copies to receive; Email items were forwarded to the members.

Treasures Report:
Treasure Mike Pardekooper reported at the last meeting there was a balance of  $34,482.79 with  $1,405.80 in deposits  and expenditures  of $123.81 for the Month. Current balance is $35,764.78

Motion by Denny Bernholtz and second by Dennis Jordison to approve the May Treasures Report. Motion carried 

State Building Code Report

Brian Bishop stated there are not many items while the session is winding down. Biggest item is SF 427, the Plumbing and Mechanical Bill which was signed April 26th into law. Code adoptions for the State are be finalizing with suggestions. Have received Energy code suggestions and will start the rules process for Energy Code adoption. That is last piece to be reviewed for all the codes. Proposal to Building Advisor Council meeting in June to review and ok and expect it will go forward.

Regarding other legislation, the SF 427 is only one passed; Electrical, Radon and others did not make it past the funnel. The Standings Bill does not have surprises or requirements. Brian also stated he was happy to have his office and IABO be part of State signing of Building Safety Month at Governor’s office.

Electrical licensing rules will be changing regarding farm inspections, but will need to rewrite the rules to correct the wording in the next month or so. The intentions are to have the farm rules and inspector rules combined into one change. Clarification: the drop dead date for being certified as an electrical inspector in January 1 2014; with once year grace period once an appointment or designation as inspector is made.

Iowa Department of Public Health
Cindy had two topics. Request from board to attend IABO and IAPMO meeting to clarify when Contractor license is required, board has been asked may times; the contractor license is required now. Currently if there is disciplinary complaint, a letter is sent out alerting them to become licensed, eventually it will be without a letter and there will be a penalty. No date certain, but expect end of year. Contractor license is free until the end of year 2013.

Second item is to discuss Sf 427. Cindy saw the emails with questions regarding IABO efforts, this is the signed copy 4/26/2013. Rules are being developed.  Will have a meeting 5/15/2013 with the industrial partners to review the suggested rules.  Local jurisdiction items are on page 3 and 4 and talks about code & ordinance adoption and getting the info to the department for the website. These are new items with no details at this time. The signed copy of SF 427 is on IDPH website.

Committee Reports
Legislative Committee:  No report, session is over, done for now.

Education Committee: Report by Cody there were emails sent regarding the week long electrical training course. Got 22 confirmed so far.  Looking at October at this time but will be looking at a hard date. There are two ways for payment; one is before July 1and then after to allow for budgets. We need 50% of fees 90 days before the education date. Once received then we will know it is a go and will get a firm date. Cody will follow up with email soon. Question from member: If signed up for an electrical class, but pass the examination on my own before, can I choose a different class? There likely is some flexibility of classes and schedules. They do not give the test, they are training only.  They require you to take test within a short time to get the guarantee. NOTE: Schedule in advance to reserve a test time as spaces will fill fast.


Cody starting to do email correspondence.  Getting ideas of things that committee could do and be viable for membership such as code changes or code proposals or interpretations. Jeff Junker added that Region III is active in similar topics and proposals.


Next meeting is July 11th at IDPS with Brian Bishops and staff speakers regarding mobile homes.


Roger reported that Britta had received some letters and is collecting them to digest all at one time with the members allowing  some time for review.


Mike P. no activity


Nothing to audit.


No report, it was not put together in time to send to colleges; need to be put together and in the hands of councilor’s by the first of the year.


Bob Hendrix reports there is some activity: David Churchill is steping aside; so a recommendation  that Cody be nominated to 1st Vise President,  Mike Pardecooper be nominated  to 2nd Vice President, and  Adam Fedders be nominated as Treasure.  Then nominate Brian Bishop to the Region III Board. Past protocol of IABO board positions is that each would advance. Normally this nomination work is done in July or August but Dave C states his work load has increased to a level that he did not want to do a half… job.  Dave Churchill asked for any other nominations from the floor for IABO Board or Region III.  Motion to accept the Nominating committee nominations to the IABO Board, moved by Jeff Junker second by Denny Bernholtz. Call for Vote: Passed unanimously.

Motion for nomination of Brian Bishop to the Region III position; moved  by Deny Bernholtz seconded by Dennis Jordison ; motion passed.


Reconvened at 10:02

Region III report:

Adam Fedders will take comments and will pass on for training next year. Session will be Feb 3-7 2014 at Oakridge near Minneapolis MN. There will be building, plumbing and mechanical classes.

Eastern Iowa

Ron Hoover from Eastern had an IABO Chapter training in Cedar Rapids, good class of 24.


Ron Hoover got back from Dallas hearings; Brita represented IABO and Brian Bishop was with membership council on sustainability.  There are a lot of codes changes with long and many days. Did not hear of any controversial changes but there were a lot of changes. Hearings were on webcast.  Patrick D. was appointed on fire code Committee and represented Iowa well. If you interested in a committee please apply and let Ron know. CDP access is active, for remote voting during the code development process while watching the webcast. Will be using CDP during the Group C code hearings  and access as live action voting. During the 2018 code process the entire process will be available through CDP access. Users will be able to replay proposals and testimony at a later date.

At Atlantic City, awards will be presented for members and chapters. Ron is on committee for review.


Roger, last meetings were attended by manufacture of  I-Joist and flack jacket; it has fire resistant coating with ESR report that replaces the need for drywall on ceiling in unfinished basements.

Also had Zip Board presentation regarding the green coated OSB board with coating that replaces the need for house wrap.



Ron stated got password to Brita for uploading to the web site, for direct input if possible. Cody stated we will try to manage on our own or will go with option to hire individual to do it for use if we run out of time.


Jeff Junker reminded that Shirts will be topic for July meeting. Expect to offer free for those attending the ABM and reduced price for additional shirts.


Bob Hendricks introduced Ross Nickel and Tony Jacobson from Griptite Foundation Repair.

Motion was made by Jeff Junker and seconded by majority to adjourn. All those standing were in favor. Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes respectfully prepared by Roger Schemmel, IABO Secretary


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