January 10, 2013

Lakeside Casino, Osceola, IA

Roll Call:

President Brita Van Horne called the meeting to order at 9:04 A.M. All board members were present with 29 members and four guests introducing themselves. 

Minutes from the November 2012 meeting were discussed with a motion to accept by Adam Fedders and seconded by Denny Bernholtz.  Motion passed.

State Building Code Bureau:

Brian Bishop arrived at 9:11 and described some changes with staffing. Ray Reynolds will be acting as the State Building Code Commissioner. The Public Safety commissioner intends to fill position again maybe in a year or so. Rich Bolten is acting as Deputy Building Code Commissioner and is the point person for building and electrical questions. No new bills submitted at this time. State Building inspectors will be rebranded along with Electrical and Fire with all to have similar marked cars. Announced Admin rule #661-550, notice of intended action; has requirements for local inspectors.  It includes language for IAEI or ICC Residential and Commercial Electrical certifications and time frame for new employees. Public hearing will be held 1/17/2013 at Department of Public Safety.  Clauses allow for residential or commercial inspections so long as inspector obtains and maintain the certification for inspections as assigned. State Electrical inspectors are in trial phase to include Energy Inspections.

Iowa Department of Public Health: Ken Sharp

  1. Status of Contractor licensing. He anticipates any new Legislation will be driven by Industry not the Board. Don’t know the position of Governor’s stake holder group. Statistics for issuing Contractor licenses as of 1/7/2013; 568 applications received with 418 to be contacted because submitted application not complete. Also 67 have been processed and 75 contacted to get more information back. Most applicants had fast reply, otherwise had no response. Asked the group if comfortable with receiving a letter from contractor stating that they have submitted application but not complete and are working thru the process. Would members be comfortable with a letter knowing 80% of applicants have lacking or incorrect information? License requires insurance to have a 15 day notice to board when expired; most policies have 10 day notice. Insurance industry to make a change with policies or perhaps state will make statutory change to 10 days. Surprised how many rural contractors have not ever obtained insurance or bonding. Question was asked if information will be on the website, Ken stated it will be updated weekly and will only be those issued. Member asked what happens if we get a letter, but later a License is not issued, but a permit to do work has been issued. Most applicants have insurance and correct bonding just the 15 day notice needs to be updated. Ken asked if a letter is necessary, a members generally felt letter is not beneficial. License reporting will transition to License Iowa some time in future for easy access to list. Contractors are also required to be registered with workforce development. Asked to show of hands if anyone wanted letter with no hands being raised.
  2. Legislation, board will look at four trade License and two trade codes. May see bill to streamline and reduce the number of licenses of four different licenses and will back down to just two and add a Journeyman sheet metal license and a HVAC – R license. Larger contractors take care of all staff licenses and would like to renew all on the same day. Department will target renewals during 18 month transition and to allow grouping rather than 3 years with staggered individual renewal dates.  Anticipate one application to address both the Contractor license and the application to Work Force development for Registration
  3. Mentioned there is talk about establishing by statue a state wide Mechanical Code, UMC vs IMC. So local officials may want to monitor and watch during this session.
  4. Governor’s office established executive-order-80 https://governor.iowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/executive-order-80.pdf to create stakeholder interest last fall. Group to provide review and input regarding department board rules but not the statutory language. Met first time Dec 20th and plumbing/mechanical board was first board reviewed looking at Chapter 28 and 29which covers fees and licensing. Board and board staff departments do not participate and the committee will report back in 4 – 6 weeks to Department Director and Admin Rules Coordinator at Governor’s office. The eight members on the committee might not have enough traction to make legislation this year. Names are listed on website on Plumbing and Mechanical board home page http://www.idph.state.ia.us/pmsb/

Members in attendance acknowledged all had the IMC adopted locally rather than UMC.

MICCC Report

Roger Schemmel report last meeting was a snow out and had no meeting

MAC or Eastern Report

Brita Van Horne stated no Eastern Meeting.

Rich Walke from UL

Rich Walke of the Regulatory services of UL gave presentation on services available. Traditionally have been on paper now have CD but also have online. Newsletters have section of the code, referenced standards and assemblies and how to access the standard. Code Authority and Fire and Security Authority sign up and get copy as published. Ultimate Email includes some notice regarding counterfeit UL marks.  Sign up for Ultimate Email for one or so each week emails and the newsletter. Rich offers training of codes and listings such as fire resistance. For technical assistance contact the 1-800 number or email. UL is involved with the Code development process and submits around 50 codes changes and good for public safety using listed assemblies. At the ICC ABM,  UL announced they are in the Evaluation Services and reports are on the same UL website using CSI categories. Online is always the most up to date info. No major counterfeit items to report. UL reports are good to when the code is not real clear for the use and acceptance of new products. UL ES reports are based on the same ICC ES criteria for use by code officials. He discussed a tour of the UL facility located outside of Chicago which could be a 3-4 hour tour of the test facility.

Travel Policy

Brita lead a discussion regarding travel clarification and referenced a draft policy. Intention of clarification is to help promote attendance of board members from remote locations of state.

Treasurer’s Report

Mike Pardekooper presented on 11/7/2012 there was balance of $30,111.29 and deposits of $9,740.0 and expenditures of $5,498.99 creating a current balance to date of $34,352.30. An Annual report for 2012, started with a balance of $15,628.78, deposits of $35,726.00 and expenses of $19,570.48 and a balance Year end 2012 of $31,782.30, The income to expense ratio was 55% of income. Another Report shows Income and expense by category. Last report was a list of items for the November seminar yielding a net profit $1,352.29. A motion was made to accept by Jorgenson and seconded by Bob of Winterset. Motion approved

Audit Committee Report:

Dan Bolt described an audit had been conducted and reported no concerns. Report was easy to read and nicely presented and did a good job. Brita thanked the work by the Audit Committee. Later in the meeting a motion was moved by Dennis Jorgenson to approve the Audit committee Report, seconded by Denny Bernholtz. Motion passed.

Membership Committee,

Larry Gift is recovering from back surgery and a report will be provided in May

Training and Education.

 David Churchill described the focus on training and education is for electrical. A group called CEC from Colorado will guarantee passing the exam but the test is on your own. CEC will also allow for other certification training. Once he gets response back will send out email. Eastern Iowa, Brita met with group and could include the ILOWA group. May be also include Commercial plan review and locate in or near Iowa City. Also looking at Chapter 7 training in eastern Iowa. Mentioned in February training was available in Minnesota. Seminar dates are best in April and May for IABO. Code update classes for the 2009 to 2012 codes would be another option.  Last seminar was well attended and showed a profit. 


List of duties was discussed and Brita announced the teleconference option for meetings. This allows committees to discuss without travel and a major time commitment. Will distribute list of duties of committees and what they do. Will also pass out teleconference instructions with one person, perhaps the chairperson, being a moderator and others are participates. If you hold a teleconference alert Treasure Mike Pardakooper what costs are incurred.

2013 Meeting Schedules.

Brita announced next meeting will be in Linn County March 14th. Sheet available for 2013 locations and thanked those that had volunteered facilities.

IABO shirts

Jeff Junker received two orders for shirts and one community showed interest. He had several bounce back emails, so will PDF all items and will get it out to everyone again. It will take around a month to get shirts once they are ordered.

Open Discussion
Ken Sharp gave short update, it was just reported the IMC would be proposed for adoption. 


At 10:22 a motion to adjourn was made by Denny Bernholtz  and Seconded by Dennis Jorgenson. Motion passed  

After a short break a presentation and training was given by Chad Komnick, PE of MiTek Industries regarding engineered trusses, followed by a tour of the Plum Truss plant and a lunch provided by Plum Building Systems. Additional training was provided by Chad after lunch.

Minutes respectfully prepared by Roger Schemmel, Secretary



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