Minutes: January 12th 2012 Meeting

Roll Call:

President Tom Palmer called the meeting to order at 9:05 A.M. Role call of officers determined that all were present. All members and guests introduced themselves.

 Minutes from the November 10th meeting were next discussed with a motion to accept by Dennis Jordison and seconded by Jared Ruby. Motion passed.

 Iowa Building Code Commissioner:

Stuart Crine with the State Building Code Bureau explained the request from the Governor’s office for IABO to recommend two individuals for the Building Official seat on the Electrical Examining Board. Denny Bernholtz, who had previously been recommended, was determined ineligible because he was not an employee of a jurisdiction.

 Brian Bishop described the energy code training being provided by Building Code Bureau staff. The Building Code Advisory Council had approved moving forward with the 2010 ADAAG standard to be effective March 15, 2012. After 4 days of the legislative session, no significant bills had been identified. Brian asked for an IABO committee to work on evaluating State regulations that affect local jurisdictions.

 Ray Reynolds discussed the movement for improving existing CSST installations. Fire Marshals throughout the State were planning to meet with several CSST manufacturers to discuss how to bond existing systems, how the program will be funded, and how to increase awareness on the issue.


Ken Sharp discussed House File 2015, which changes the definition of hydronics. The new definition will not include process equipment. This file is expected to pass. Plumbing and mechanical contractors who let their licenses expire have been filing waiver requests to renew their licenses. Those who had not tested and let their license expire for more than 60 days are required to test before being re-licensed. This rule may change if brought to legislature. The second phase of software testing had begun for specialty licenses and education will begin soon in the trades programs. Work had begun for a manual contractor licensing program. Prior to the system being implemented, input would be gathered from jurisdictions that had previous contractor licensing programs. The goal is to have contractor licensing running by January 1, 2013. The Plumbing and Mechanical Board will begin reviewing the 2012 UPC with a January 1, 2013 adoption goal.  

 Region III/ICC:

Ron Hoover announced there was still time to register for the Region III code institute. The ICC Board had passed a budget including 1 full day of free training for chapters and had increased scholarship funding. Scholarships are administered through the Foundation. The Foundation is looking for testimonials from scholarship recipients to assist in gathering additional funding. The Foundation also handles the Building Safety Month program and is looking for States to sign the Building Safety Proclamation. Ron encouraged members to participate in the ICC Membership Councils. The councils meet once per year and communicate primarily through electronic means. Brian Bishop explained the councils have blogs for various discussion topics.


Mike Pardekooper reported transactions since the last meeting and indicated the membership’s current balance was $19,332.78. A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Tim Hennes and seconded by Denny Bernholtz. Motion passed.

 IABO Committees:

Tom Palmer explained the importance of IABO Committees and requested members to participate. Cody Christensen explained that committee participation would be worth 1/2 CEU per committee per year. A maximum of 1 CEU per year was allowed for committee participation.

 Nominating Committee- Nominates officers for the following year.

Legislative Committee- Tracks legislative topics in the interest of the membership.

Education Committee- Organizes educational programs.

Code Development Committee- Evaluates and/or initiates code change proposals and educates the membership on code changes.

Program Committee- Organizes speakers/presentations for bimonthly meetings.

Membership Committee- Works to increase membership numbers and promote membership participation.

Audit Committee- Prepares annual audit report sent to ICC.


David Churchill gave an overview of the May training to include 2012 code updates and ADA training.

 Presentation-Manufactured Homes, Rich Bolten & Eric Neddermeyer:

Rich Bolten and Eric Neddermeyer with the State Building Code Bureau gave a presentation on manufactured homes. The presentation covered State and Local Code application, permitting, inspections, anchoring, utility connections, and site constructed elements.


At 12:05 p.m. Brita Van Horne made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Denny Bernholtz and the motion passed.

 Minutes respectfully prepared by Cody Christensen.


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