The membership types available to join IABO are:

Class A: $75.00
Building Officials or Appointed Designee that are the primary active members for a city, county, or state building department that has adopted a building code.

Class B: $30.00
Additional Building Department Personnel that are other than the Building Official or Appointed Designee who is employed by a government jurisdiction that enforces building codes.

Associate Member: $50.00

Representatives from industry and other persons interested in or allied with building construction.

Retired Member: $0

Any member that has retired from active service but wish to maintain their association with IABO.

Honorary Member: $0
Anyone who has been nominated and elected by the IABO membership as an Honorary Member.

Other Information

  • IABO Chapter meetings are the second Thursday of the odd-numbered months.
  • Our Bimonthly meeting programs attempt to focus on code related educational needs of the membership and cover a wide variety of technical, legal, and administrative subjects. Code interpretations and reviews, new materials and methods of construction, liability, state laws, and code revisions are some of the subjects frequently addressed.
  • In the fall and winter months, IABO sponsors educational seminars that address code change matters, code training, and training in many areas of construction and code interpretation and enforcement.
  • Your membership fee includes the cost of attending the bi-monthly meetings and allows for discounted fees for IABO sponsored educational seminars.